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Lidia's Italy

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Recipes are as much a part of the cultural heritage of a people as art and music. Through travel, you come to recognize the similarities and differences between various places and regions in Italy. Tasting and cooking the food of a place enlarges the understanding of the territory and its people. Learning where certain foods are found or cultivated and how and when the indigenous culture enjoys them provides stories that are an entrée to a place. I hope that this is a journey you will want to take with me and Tanya.

Some of the recipes I’ve gathered here are more strictly traditional and demanding, but you can have fun with them and take liberties as you wish. Add something of your own to a dish, simplify it, or prepare only the part of it that interests you. Never feel that you must do all or nothing.

I know this journey will give you much satisfaction and bring to your family and to your table new glorious and splendid flavors of Italy.

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